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Before graduating from Arizona State University (ASU) with a bachelor of science in Digital Audiences, I had began freelancing under the moniker Manic Theory. For seven years I worked as a Brand Strategist for grass-roots organizations, indie artists, and socially conscious businesses. And while I value the work we accomplished together, I couldn't escape the persistent, moral, and truly existential dilemma that we all face (but rarely ever look at): climate change.


To make light of the dim, one could say that "nature called!" And when it sounded, it had me searching for a deeper connection and understanding of myself, others, and the social systems that raise us. My inquiry had me holding uncomfortable conversations and books that were heavy in perspectives that I had been made blind to. I began to question the physical: from the realities of our world, our reliance on it, and the undeniable importance of it, to how our individual physical identities grip, shape, keep, and divide us. 


I pursued my second degree in Philosophy from ASU in 2023 where I focused my attention on the study of knowledge (epistemology) and mind. I received a scholarship for AI ethic research from Google, focusing on generative AI, art, and identity structures within ASU's Lincoln Center of Applied Ethics. Since then, I have continued my studies independently in the realms of psychology, media, and business.

I am currently based in Atlanta, GA, and am launching Sense Method in the fall of 2024, a platform that serves to address and reconstruct internalized 'isms' with intention to help transform harmful narratives that continue to threat our collective system. Combining my academic research with my experience in brand management, I blend aesthetic and ethical reasoning into my work as a mentor and consultant for my clients, developing initiatives that foster the connectedness we seek and so desperately need as a global society.


While I currently maintain a muted online presence, you're welcome to visit me in-real-life while engaging in philosophical discussions as a part-time barista at my local cafe, Land of a Thousand Hills, in Midtown!

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Systemic issues surrounding race, gender, ability, class, and species often impact our thoughts and creations subtly, evading immediate awareness and accountability. By cultivating self-awareness, empathy, self and social responsibility, we can actively contribute to a positive shared reality. My mission is to facilitate this understanding, empowering individuals and teams to wield their influence with intentionality, so that we may create a better future for the next generation. Starting in autumn of 2024, I will offer workshop and one-on-one consulting and mentorship services to global brands, businesses, and independent clients through Sense Method.

A Method for Madness?

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Subjects that interest me include: aesthetics, applied ethics (Data and AI), epistemology, existentialism, philosophy of education, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, virtue ethics, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and social psychology.
R.N. | Essays, Analysis & Poetry

Inquisition & Introspection

Throughout my studies and in my personal life, I continue to research and reflect on topics that interest me. Select a topic to explore brief writings, academic essays, poetry and more by category.

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