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Philosopher & Creative Ally

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I'm Robyn (they/them), a freelance creative based in Atlanta, GA, with over seven years of experience in crafting and managing brand identities for artists and entrepreneurs in marginalized spaces. Formerly operating under the brand Manic Theory, this work has significantly influenced my understanding and interest in social and cognitive psychologies, aesthetic methods, and ethical tech practices (explore academic works).

My creative portfolio is organized to showcase my commitment to challenging societal constructs and popping metaphorical bubbles of biases. You will find pages on my I have transitioned beyond the confines of my previous service offerings but showcase past projects . As a freelance consultant and creative director, I aspire to collaborate with and lead media and marketing teams on projects that align authentically with my values. I bring a unique blend of creative acumen and critical thinking to produce responsible and inclusive digital communications.

For those who share a passion for critical analysis beyond data, who recognize the influence of media on minds and generations, and who believe in the power of strategic creativity to save our planet, let's connect. Reach out to me at to initiate a collaboration that will defy the conventional and initiate positive change in our world.





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