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Poetry | Settled on my Sunset

Updated: Jun 4

“Sunset by the Ocean” by Vladimir Kush

Sell me a possible world where my mind's made up,

Remind me of how the horizon settles the sun

At a distance.

Or how subtle breezes tickle a trauma response

In dissonance.

Tell me I'm unwise to hunt triggers

And confront inner-child tantrums

Because I “deserve better”.

But ‘better’ grows your ego

While I aim to deflate mine.

And maybe you can treat me right

But the vibrance of a sunset

Is a one-sided experience,

Only practicable of viewing

From this little blue dot.

Elaborating onto identity

Will always be a solo journey

As I'm not here

To be mended by you,

Or change anyone else.

I just want to remember how to feel

And become whatever is myself.

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