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Philosopher & Creative Ally

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After graduating from ASU with a bachelor of science in Digital Audiences in 2019, I embarked on a freelance journey under the moniker Manic Theory, serving as a Digital Marketing Specialist for grass-roots organizations, indie artists, and socially conscious businesses. Despite all good intentions, I grappled with an ethical dilemma as I noticed a misalignment between my values and the platforms on operated on. This led me to question the nature of businesses and their evolution over time. These wonderings fueled my quest for deeper understanding, prompting me to pursue a second bachelor's degree in Philosophy, which I completed with cum laude honors in 2023. During my studies, I received a scholarship for AI ethic research from Google, focusing on generative AI, art, and identity structures within ASU's Lincoln Center of Applied Ethics.

Combining my academic research with my experience in brand management, I am driven to utilize aesthetic and ethical approaches in media and marketing to foster the connectedness we seek and so desperately need. Now based in Atlanta, GA, I am launching Sense Method, a consulting and coaching project where I will serve as a Digital Ethics Strategist for individuals and teams in the tech, marketing, and media sectors. While I maintain a muted online presence, you may find me engaging in philosophical discussions at my local cafe, indulging in spicy food, hiking Georgia's mountains, curating Spotify playlists, and supporting local poets and comedians during my downtime.

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Systemic issues surrounding race, gender, ability, class, and species often impact our thoughts and creations subtly, evading immediate awareness and accountability. By cultivating self-awareness, empathy, self and social responsibility, we can actively contribute to a positive collective reality. My mission is to facilitate this understanding, empowering individuals to wield their influence with intentionality. As a coach and consultant, I illuminate and address injustices ingrained in our society, fostering the unlearning of harmful ideologies and promoting empathy and connection. Starting in spring 2024, I will offer my independent consulting and coaching services to global brands, businesses, and clients.

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Encouraging Deep Outrospection

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Subjects that interest me include: aesthetics, applied ethics (Data and AI), epistemology, existentialism, philosophy of education, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, virtue ethics, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and social psychology.

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R.N. | Essays and Analysis

Inquisition & Introspection

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Throughout my studies and in my personal life, I continue to research and reflect on topics that interest me. Select a topic to explore brief writings, academic essays, poetry and more by category.

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